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Written by Heather   
Thursday, 26 February 2009 19:38
Altar – your flat sacred space. This is the place upon which you place your magickal tools and consecrated items for use in ritual.

Athame – a black handled magickal knife used to symbolically cut and direct energy in a ritual. It is rarely, if ever, used to cut actual physical items. It is associated with the male and the element of Fire.

Besom – a broom. Can be hung in the house to ward off negative or used to "sweep" a circle before ritual to clear negative energy. Associated with the element of Water as it is used to cleanse.

Bolline – a curved knife with a white handle used to harvest magickal herbs, cut branches and flowers for use in ritual, and inscribe symbols onto candles.     

Book of Shadows – your own personal book of materials you have gathered during your magickal studies.  Some people have more than one. I personally have a Binder of Shadows which has all sorts of information I have gathered, as well as a working Book of Shadows which has my spellwork and rituals in it.

Chalice – a cup. Can be silver, glass, brass, stoneware or any other material. It is associated with the Feminine, represents the element of Water and is usually placed in the West on the altar.

Evocation – a calling out of spirits or nonphysical entities. Can be used to ask them to appear or be in ritual attendance in a non-visible manner.

Invocation – a prayer used to call upon the God or Goddess, or any higher power, in order to connect with those energies.

Pantheon – a collection of gods and goddesses from a specific path (ie: Egyptian, Greek).

Pentacle – a ritual item that has the pentagram inscribed upon it. It is usually a circular item made of silver, wood, or clay. Represents the element of Earth and is usually placed in the North on the altar. (Please note: Pentacle and Pentagram are not interchangeable words)

Pentagram – a five pointed upright star which represents the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Ritual – the ceremony conducted in which one performs a spell or honors ones Pantheon.

Spell – a collection of words used with personal mental and emotional energy in a ritual.

Talisman – also called a charm or amulet. This is an item created for a specific purpose with crystals and/or herbs over which an incantation for a specific goal has been said.

Wand – a magickal tool used to direct one's personal energy. It can be made of wood, crystal or insulated copper. For temporary purposes or if finances will not permit, use your index finger as this is a highly potent way to direct energy!