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Witches' Wheel of the Year

Samhain (pronounced sow-een)  -  October 31
Also known as the Witches' New Year, Samhain is the last of three harvest holidays. It is the renewal of the Wheel of Life and the Wheel of the Year. It is also the time when the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest making divination extremely popular at this time.

    Deities:   Crone goddesses, Sacrificial, Aging/Dying, Death & Otherworld Gods
    Colors:    Black and orange
    Symbols:  Cauldron, jack o'lantern, mask, besom, balefire

Yule or Winter Solstice -  December 20 or 21
This is the shortest day and longest night of the year. It symbolizes the rebirth of the God. Bayberry candles are often burned until they go out to ensure wealth and happiness

    Deities:  Newborn Gods, Triple Goddesses, Virgin Goddesses
    Colors:   Red and green
    Symbols:  Yule log, evergreen, holly, wreaths, spinning wheel.

Candlemas  -  February 1 or 2
This is the first of the three spring fertility holidays. It symbolizes the end of winter and embraces the change from old to new. It also honors the Goddess as the waiting bride of the God (Sun).

    Deities:  Virgin or Child Goddesses, God as young men or boys
    Colors:   Lavender, white, pale yellow, silver
    Symbols:   Candles, brides, grain dollies, burrowing animals

Ostara or Spring Equinox  -  March 20
The second fertility holiday.  It is a celebration of balance of night and day (light and dark).

    Deities:   Youthful God/desses, Warrior Gods, Deities awakening to sexuality
    Colors:    Pastels (green, yellow, pink)
    Symbols:   Eggs, equilateral crosses (ie: Brigid's cross), butterfly

Beltaine  -  May 1
Last of the fertility holidays. It honors love, union and new life.

    Deities:   Flower Goddesses, Divine Couples
    Colors:    Red and white
    Symbols:   Maypole, eggs, baskets, flowers

Midsummer or Summer Solstice  -  June 20 or 21
Also called Lithia, this holiday celebrates the longest day of the year with the Sun at its peak of power.

    Deities:   Gods at their peak of power, Pregnant Goddesses
    Colors:    Green, red and gold
    Symbols:  Fire, mistletoe, solar discs, feathers, blades

Lammas  -  August 1 or 2
Also called Lughnasadh after the God Lugh. This is the first of the harvesting holidays and celebrates the grain harvests.

    Deities:    Harvest and Grain Deities, New Mother Goddesses
    Colors:    Gold, green, yellow, gray
    Symbols: All grains and breads, threshing tools

Mabon or Autumn Equinox  -  September 21 or 22
The second of the harvest holidays. This celebrates the vine harvests and wines.

    Deities:   Wine Gods, Harvest Deities, Aging Deities
    Colors:    Orange, rust, maroon, brown
    Symbols: Apples, wine, vines, garlands, gourds, cornucopias